Link to install Checklist for Salesforce in your organization:

Version 1.86 

To install in a Sandbox, replace the "login" in the URL above with "test".

We suggest 'Install for Admins Only' as access is based on supplied permission sets.

To add users:

- Add the Permission Set "Checklist Admin" to users who create/add checklists and "Checklist User" for others

  - > Setup > Users -- select User. -- in the Permission Set Assignments section, click Edit Assignments  

  - > Setup > Permission Sets  -- select permission set -- click button Manage Assignments (for multiple users)

- Add the License

  - > Setup > Installed Packages -- click Manage License for Checklist

For a demo, installation, or help - pick a good time for you at 

Check out the intro video

Release Notes:

v1.84/6improve- Checklist Sequence Editor (lwc)
v1.83improve, fix

- Add Checklist: show previously created instance info

- User: Checklist User - add license/permission

- Recurring: Improve messages

- Checklist Inline Edit clarify: set null to All

- TaskManagement/Table/Timeline: Add instance link for History

- Instance Delete: layout improvements

- Instance Graph: layout/color improvements

v1.80improve, fix- Timeline: filter Subject option (details)
- Timeline: render email fix
- Email Message query Instability fix
- Flow Apex checklist query fix
v1.79fix- Exclude Task columns from query
- Minor fixes, version upgrades
v1.78improve, fix- Task Save: check the length of subject
- Inline Edit: Assigned To fix
- Timeline: fix the gray box if the comment is empty
v1.76/8improve- Copy to Task (copy fields from record to task)
- Inline Edit: handle "all"
v1.75improve, fix

- Instance Delete API: specify instance id instead of checklist name

- Checklist Item Inline Edit: just Upload() fix

- Account reference in Task (Timeline for Account contains Tasks for ALL objects referencing an account)

v1.70/3improve, fix

- Inline Edit: upload files, lookup fields

- Inline Edit: item only field list fix

- Checklist Add Tasks - fix User volume lookup

- Task Layout: show MicroTasks, Inline Edit, and attachment upload

- Timeline: show recent record fix

- TaskTable attributes: show Priority/Assigned column, Comment width


- Checklist Item Tasks: create tasks for new Items or update open Tasks: details

- Flow API to delete instances or open tasks

- Checklist Instance Graph

v1.64improve, fix

- Task Kanban - flexible task query displayed in Kanban style

- Show Task additional info in Timeline and Task Kanban only if there is a value

v1.61/63improve- Inline Editing of Task Fields and Related Record fields
- Recurring: quarterly, annual, etc - details
v1.55/58improve, fix

- Micro Task open/close/cancel status management

- Micro Tasks for non-checklist tasks

- Task Status check

- Timeline: include only used record types

- Checklist: only if record Name or Id matched addition


- Update Components (table, instances, timeline) when task status changes

- Add Checklist component: update status fix


- Checklist latest instance fix + update Recurring flag

- Send email to Contact/Lead/User id

v1.46improve- Activity Timeline component
- Timeline send email option
- Task status Canceled list

- Task Management, Checklist Instances, Add Checklist components in Experience fix

- Recurring Checklist details

- Cancel Task Status

- Copy custom fields from Checklist/Item to Activity/Task ignoring namespace

v1.39fix- Task Management, Checklist Instances, Add Checklist components in Experience fix
v1.38Improve- Validate custom object name(s)
v1.37fix- Add Checklist selection fix
- Discontinue Activity.ClosedBy__c to enable users to add a User lookup

- Use CurrentUser as Dynamically Assigned User in Checklist Item

- Queue: use name or developer name

- Process builder automation: add checklist directly

v1.33Fix, Prepare

- Dynamic User Reference - object reference (__r) fix

- Discontinue Activity.ClosedBy User reference

v1.32Enhancements, Fix

- Checklist Only if Valid: resolve RecordType - enter just RecordType='MyType' 

- Add Checklist: exact Only for Object match fix

v1.31Fixes- Update Target Date trigger fix

- Start Flows when Task started or completed

- Instance list: show target date if used

- Updating Instance Target Date updates Tasks

- Update Instance Target Date from source record via Flow

- Hide components if no license


- Help Links

- Initial Task Table status (due) fix

- Task Table Status update fix


- Checklist Instances - query by checklist

- Add Checklist: de-select downstream tasks

v1.26Enhancements, Fixes

- Target Date calculation + overwrite fix

- Target Date change - update Instance and Tasks

- Add Checklist component: height of Task Table user-defined

- Checklist Item: required (user can't not create the task)

- Checklist Instances: show checklist name

v1.25FixesAccess Management/Security

- Flexible Task Table (add columns, change sequence) (details)

- Assign Tasks to Queues (details)

- Differentiate Due and Open Task Status (details)

- Future Target Date (calculate Due Date backwards) (details)

- Related Object Name

- Checklist Instances fixed cache issues


Delete Checklist Instance with (open) Tasks

Show only open Tasks in Add Checklist

Hide Instances without tasks

v1.20Enhancements, Fixes

Initial Due Date fix

Task Sequence sort by Status

Instance Related Link

Checklist Instances Component (details)

Account reference for Checklist instances

v1.19Enhancements, FixesChecklist Instances (details)
Show only Checklist Items (Open Tasks, ..)
v1.17Enhancements, Fixes

Queue Owner handling fix; 

Specify Task Type, Priority; 

Checklist on Event; 

Checklist Editor (edit/add/delete items)

v1.16Enhancements, FixesUse of Custom Task Status options;
Improved error handling;
Queue Owner handling;
v1.15MinorLayout improvements, Permissions fix
v1.14EnhancementsMicro Tasks details;
Support for Task Record Types;
Task Actual Start Date/Time
v1.13EnhancementsManual Only checklists (vs Process);
Enhanced Workflow sequence scenarios;
Item Editor improvements;
DeActivate Items removes references
Optional restrict that Tasks from a Checklist are created just once per record (i.e. preventing to create tasks multiple times for a record);
Automatically apply first or all matching checklists (e.g. via Process Builder) details;
Lightning layout improvements;
Task Management Lightning Component details;
Custom Task Field display and copy value details
Quick Complete/UnComplete Tasks;
Track Task Complete Date and By;
Open Task query options
Open Tasks performance
Open Tasks volume fix; Checklist Task Report.
New Features
Checklist for Leads; UI enhancements.
New Features
Checklist Sequence Editor, Day Offset using business days, Clone Checklist with items
Bug fix
Ensure CRUD and FLS when called via Apex directly
New Feature
Checklist Item Sequencing - Prerequisite/Dependent