Instead of assigning Tasks to individual users, you can assign Checklist Tasks to queues.  The queues are are available in the Assigned To selection when creating the checklist tasks. In the Checklist Item, enter the queue name, if you want to set the queue as default.


1) Define Queue

In Setup > User > Queues

create a new queue - or edit an existing queue

In the Supported Objects for the queue, make sure that Task is selected:

and add users to your queue

2) Checklist Settings

 In Setup > Custom Code > Custom Metadata Types

click "Manage Records" for Checklist Settings

If there is no record, create a new one (the system uses the first record)

In the field Queue Names, enter the queues you want to use separated by comma:

3) Checklist Item

In the checklist item, you can set a queue as the default Assigned To:

You can only use one option - Queue or User (specific or dynamic)