Below, we summarize the Checklist for Salesforce functionality:

FunctionalityOthersChecklist for Salesforce
Create Template for Tasksyesyes
Checklist only for certain Object, e.g., Accountyesyes
Checklist only for certain Object Status, e.g., "warm' Account
Assign Task to specific Userfixedyes, change when creating Tasks
Assign Task to User calculatednoyes
Assign Task to Queues?yes
Create Tasks from Checklists automaticallyyesyes
Micro-Tasks (tasks in tasks)
Task Dependencies (Task start depends on completion of other tasks) noyes
Delete (remaining) Tasks if no longer relevantnoyes
Interactive Task/Status Reportingnoyes
Required and Optional Tasksnoyes, when adding manually
Create a Task only when conditions are metnoyes
Target Date (calculation of Activity date backwards from a future date, e.g., Close Date)noyes
Inline Edit (update referenced object directly, upload attachments)noyes
Timeline with Micro-Tasks, Inline Edit, and file uploadnoyes
Timeline for an account includes Tasks for any object referencing the account (full 360) e.g., Case, Custom Objects, ...noyes
Task Kanban with dynamic query, Micro-Tasks, Inline Edit, and file uploadnoyes