In Salesforce, Tasks are assigned to an individual User.

With that, by default tasks of a User are only visible to the assigned user and Administrators.

If you defined a Role Hierarchy, the Manager can see the tasks of subordinates.

(You cannot create Profiles or Permission Sets with View All or Modify All for Tasks - nor can you create Sharing Rules).

You can set up Salesforce Lightning that you can assign Tasks to multiple users or Groups - but that creates an individual Task for each of the Group members.

Sharing Tasks for Records

You can share Tasks for specific records. Here an example using Groups.

Setup Steps

  • Create a Public Group ( > Setup > Users > Public Group )
  • Create a Queue ( > Setup > Users > Queues )
    • Select one or more Objects (Case, Lead, Order, or any Custom Object) - i.e. not Account, Opportunity, ...
    • Select Queue Members - specific Users, Roles or Public Group
  • Update Activity Sharing Setting ( > Setup > Security > Sharing Settings )
    • In Organization-Wide Defaults change for Activity the Default Internal Access from Private to Controlled by Parent

Now, in e.g. the custom record, change the Owner to the Queue you set up earlier.

Any created Tasks for records the user has access to are now visible and editable.


Tasks for 4 users were created 

  • on the account record (Acme) the user sees only their task, not the others
  • for the record owned by another user (Worker Record) - or the record owned by the Queue/Group (Group Record) the user can see and edit ALL tasks for these records.
  • the task owner is an individual user 

Sharing Specific Tasks

We are currently working on the following:

Create a Checklist Task which can be shared by any of the standard Salesforce sharing rules.

Option to assign this Task to a Public Group.

Users would have access to the specific tasks (not all tasks of the records they have access to).

Please contact us for details.