Please check the following prerequisites:

  • Check the Checklist Editor Connected Apps settings
  • For Lightning setup MyDomain (to access the components)

For users, who set up or create Checklists

  • Assign the Permission Set "Checklist Administrator"
  • Assign a license

For users, who perform (checklist) tasks

  • Assign the Permission Set "Checklist User"
  • Assign a license

Note: any user can manage their Tasks created by Checklists. Users without license would have to check/manage Micro tasks manually and if the task as a dependent task, the status of the dependent task status is not changed (e.g. from Waiting to Not Started)

Connected Apps

We use a connected apps to edit the sequence of the Checklist Items graphically. This helps to setup dependencies among the tasks of a checklist.

The recommended setup is to pre-approve users.

If the connected apps is not setup correctly, you users may get an error when opening any Checklist record page

(connected apps access error).

Detail Steps:

Setup > App Manager

- Manage: Checklist Editor

  • click Edit Policies
    • OAuth policies: select: Admin approved users are pre-authorized
    • Save
  • in the Profiles section
    • Add the Profiles of users editing a Checklist
      • e.g. System Administrator, Standard Users

Manage Connected Apps:

Manage Connected Apps

Edit Policies:

Edit Policies