Checklist items are templates for Salesforce Tasks. If you have many small tasks for a single person, this can be inefficient.

Each item of a Checklist converts to a Salesforce Task when a checklist is added to a record; Each Task allocates about 2k of your Salesforce Storage.

TaskMicro Task
Typical useLonger TasksShort items to do
Assigned Todifferent users
single user
Status tracking
individual status (manually)same status for all micro tasks (automatically)
Track Start/End date
exact start and completed datesame


With Micro tasks, you can now create tasks within a Salesforce task.

In the Comment, just add a checkbox placeholder: [ ] before the Micro Task:

Micro-Tasks in Checklist Item

or directly in the Salesforce Task:


In the Task Manager, you can just click in the checkbox for the Micro-Task.

... or in the Add Checklist component of any record:

You can also manually complete the micro-task by editing the comment and change the [ ] to [x].

When all micro-tasks are completed, the Task is marked as completed too.

For reporting, you can report the Task fieldsĀ 

  • Micro-Task Count (= total number)
  • Micro-Tasks Open
  • Micro-Tasks Closed

(see yellow arrow in the Task screenshot above)