Checklist items are templates for Salesforce Tasks. If you have many small tasks to be performed by a single person, this can be inefficient.

Each item of a Tick-List converted to a Salesforce Task, will allocate about 2k of your Salesforce Storage.


With Micro-Tasks, you can now create tasks within a Salesforce task.

In the Comment, just add a checkbox placeholder: [ ] before the Micro Task:

Micro-Tasks in Checklist Item

or directly in the Salesforce Task:


In the Task Manager, you can just click in the checkbox for the Micro-Task.

... or in the Add Checklist component of any record:

You can also manually complete the micro-task by editing the comment and change the [ ] to [x].

When all micro-tasks are completed, the Task is marked as completed too.

For reporting, you can report the Task fieldsĀ 

  • Micro-Task Count (= total number)
  • Micro-Tasks Open
  • Micro-Tasks Closed

(see yellow arrow in the Task screenshot above)