Maintain Checklists in the Checklist Tab.

The main fields are:

  • Name - the name of the checklist for selections
  • Code - optional internal name, also used for sorting
  • Active - when de-selected, the checklist is not available for selection
  • Description - optional comments


If no restriction is entered, we can use the checklist in any object/record.  Usually, checklists are specific to specific objects or records with specific conditions. 

Only for Object

Restrict availability of the checklist to particular Objects.  Enter one or more object API names here. Example: 

Account, MyObject__c, accorto__Project__c

Only if Valid

Restrict the availability of the checklist to particular Records of a particular Object. You specify the condition like in a SOQL where clause. Example when Only for Object is Account:

Rating = 'Warm'

We check the syntactical correctness of the entry when saved.
It will not check values - e.g. Rating = 'Wa' is correct but will not match any records.

To apply the checklist only for certain record types, enter e.g.

RecordType.Name = 'My RecordType'

Apply only once

When selected, you can create Tasks based on this Checklist just once for a particular record.

Checklist Editor

You can use the checklist editor to easily edit the sequence and dependencies of the Checklist Items.

After selecting (clicking on) a checklist item, just click on the dependent / following Checklist Item and the link is created.

To remove a dependency or link, just click on the Line and select to delete.

Checklist Editor

The Editor is displayed in the Checklist Page Layout - click on the Editor link to open it in a Full Page for bigger checklists.

Please notice, that the Editor requires Salesforce API Access, which is available in Enterprise and up Editions and available at additional costs in the Professional Edition.

If you need any help or want more details, just pick a good time for you at - or send an email to